Privacy Policy

privacy policyYou are not required to sign up or register to use our website, as anyone is free to use the information displayed and presented upon it at any time.

Be aware though that for you to be able to claim our unique promo code you must follow the instructions given on our website as that will allow DraftKings to award you with our unique bonus offered once you enter the bonus code into their banking interface when making your initial deposit.

For that purpose we use a basic yet simple tracking system which will place a cookie onto your computer. That is the way your newly opened account will be tracked back to this website and will enable you to claim our exclusive promo code.

If you have wish to contact us for any reason then you will find all of our contact details are listed on the contact us page of this website. Please be aware that at no time when contacting us via email will we send out any marketing or sales inquiries as your email address will only very be used to reply to any questions you may have. With that in mind please do enjoy your visit to this website.